Pharmaceutical Analysis

Deparatment of Pharmaceutical Analysis

The most important of pharmaceutical disciplines is the feild of drug analysis. This department focuses on identification, method development, validation and application of analytical methods, techniques relevant to pharmaceutical sciences. It also traits pharmacists in developing their knowledge and skills in instrument handling, testing and various analytical techniques.

The department specializes pharmacists in the identification, assay, purity and stability of drugs, test for purity, determination of drug content according to pharmacopoeial standards.

Project work for the graduates and post graduates is done utilizing wide range of analytical techniques which includes development and validation of controlled release of drug candidates, multi component drugs I formulations , chiral sepaeration of enatiomeric drugs, accelerated stability studies, pharmacokinetic studies, bioavailability and bio equivalence studies.

Key equipments in the department

UV- Vissible spectrophotometer, HPLC, calorimeters pH meter, conductivity meter, photoflouromter, digital flame photometer, nephlometer, digital potentiometer, karl- fisher titration assembly, polarimeter, Millipore water system, sonicator etc.